About the Digital Skills Club

The Digital Skills Club was initially run by TechResort, a non-profit organization, that focuses on promoting digital skills and technology. TechResort established the club with the aim of providing primary school children in the local area with free access to technology and teaching them basic ICT skills.

TeamTBM took over running the Digital Skills Club from TechResort due to unforeseen issues with school funding. As a non-profit organization, TechResort was heavily reliant on grants and donations to keep the club running for free. That's when TeamTBM stepped in to take over the running of the club!

TeamTBM recognized the importance of the Digital Skills Club and saw an opportunity to step in and continue providing essential ICT training to primary school children in the local area. As a community interest company, TeamTBM was able to leverage its connections and resources to secure the necessary funding to keep the club running.

To help primary-aged children gain more ICT skills, the Digital Skills Club offered a variety of sessions covering different topics related to technology and digital skills. The club focused on making learning fun and engaging for the children, using interactive and hands-on activities to teach them the basics of coding, digital art, robotics, and more.

In addition to providing ICT training, TeamTBM also encouraged students to volunteer and help with running the club. This approach not only helped the children learn new skills but also gave them the opportunity to develop leadership and teamwork abilities.

Overall, the Digital Skills Club was a successful initiative that helped to bridge the digital divide and support digital inclusion in the local community. It was a testament to the power of collaboration and community-led efforts to promote digital skills and technology education.