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TeamTBM started in June 2019, at first we started as a group with very few ideas, it was made by two students, and we made a few projects for fun but had no real ambition. As the year went on, we kept coming up with ideas and dreams, later to realize they would become reality. As 2019 came to a close, we had a small site on a popular website builders because it was free with a free domain, this was because we didn't know much HTML nor did we know how to set up a website for ourselves.

Early in 2020, we got our first domain tbmproduction.com, and we created a basic website on it, which at the time had no real use. Once we had studied Web Developing some more, and got advice from others, we got a site template, edited it and created our first proper website. This site was first used to display information about us, but as time went on, we kept adding things, like access to our APIs, areas for users to create their account and customize it and so on.

In early 2021, after the peak of the Covid-19 pandemic, we were beginning to get much more noticed, we decided it was time for a brand new rebrand and a new name. The name we decided to go for is TeamTBM. We shortly moved to a new domain, which is teamtbm.org, which is where you are currently looking at our site from.

From the start of 2022, TeamTBM changed its whole group vision. We have been working on making tutorials to help people gain more digital skills. We additionally have a cloud hosting service in the making not only to help users with a place to host files but as a place to share code.

In 2023, we hope to register TeamTBM as a not-for-profit company, and be able to provide stronger services with public funding. and we hope you could help us as we change the world we hope you explore, learn and create with us!

Tyler M-W

Tyler M-W

Chief Creative Director

Ben M

Ben M

Chief Technical Director

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Here is what some amazing people have said about us!

Tyler and Ben have been making great progress learning ever more advanced web technologies boosting their HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP knowledge.

Mathew Bristow

Faculty Leader for IT

Wayback In Time!

Take a look at our old sites and how our site has changed through the years!

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Our entire website is programmed and designed by us with our wonderful team, we're offering this service to others; if they need this done!

Digital Leaders

We have been recognised as Digital Leaders by many organisations as we provide in-person lessons to people of all ages.


We are soon to be adding website designing to our services and expand the ways we can communities and help people globally.

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