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About Us - History

TeamTBM started in June 2019 as a group with very few ideas. We made a few projects for fun but had no real ambition. As the year went on, we kept coming up with ideas and dreams, later to realize they would become reality. As 2019 came to a close, we had a small Google Site as it was hosted for free. For some reason we decided to use it to host our own HTML (which was terrible at the time), but this was because we didn't know much HTML nor did we know how to set up a website for ourselves.

Early in 2020, we got our first domain (tbmproduction.com) and we created a basic website on it, which at the time had no real use. Once we had studied Website Developing some more, and got advice from others, we got a site template, edited it and created our first proper website. This site was first used to display information about us, but as time went on, we kept adding things, like access to our APIs, areas for users to create an account and so on.

During 2021, after the peak of the Covid-19 pandemic, we were beginning to get much more noticed and so we decided it was time for a rebrand and a new name. The name we decided to go for is TeamTBM. We shortly moved to a new domain (teamtbm.org), which is where you are currently looking at our site from.

We hope, as time goes on, you get to see more of TeamTBM. Furthermore, we hope you could help us as we change the world you explore, learn and create with us.

The Team