Our Projects

Take a look at our past, current and future projects showing a timeline of everything we have created.

Current Projects

Video GameOngoing

MovieWorld Roblox

Experience our latest metaverse game taking you to the home of movie magic. A top-tier destination to visit while being completly free to play!

Website HostingPublic

Ghostly Cloud

Website hosting for induviduals, students, buisnesses and educational instiutions.

Discontinued Projects

Private VPN


A private, fast and secure VPN hosted by TeamTBM.


Digital Skills Club

We used to run a Digital Skills Club, where we encourage students to volunteer, help us, and teach children gain more ICT skills, that they can use!

About the Digital Skills Club
Sound and Lighting

Theatrical Production

Not only does TeamTBM do ICT related things, we have also had lots of experience in doing sound and lighting for theatrical shows at different locations.

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Minecraft Server

BloxCraft Games

This was our first ever project made by TeamTBM, BloxCraft Games was a fun Minecraft Server, that allowed users to play exciting minigames with their friends!

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TBM Hosting

Our very first web hosting service we made during the Pandemic - this was one of our first large projects, and is one of our favourites.

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Video Game

TM123 Studios Roblox

This was one of our first metaverse games: a small theme park that has been played by over 17,000 people since opening.

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